Duck Hunting Guide Reelfoot Lake

duck hunting guide reelfoot lake

Tony Hughes Guide Service offers comfortable duck blinds for his guided duck hunts on Reelfoot Lake. The main focus is customer comfort, good food, and killing ducks. These blinds have been productive for many years and Tony’s blinds are in a proven location and offer excellent opportunities to kill your limit of ducks.

With Long Point Federal Refuge and Grassy Federal Refuge in the area, and the Mississippi just West of Reelfoot Lake, we are situated smack in the middle of a North-South waterfowl flyway as they make their way South for the winter. Call Tony Hughes Guide Service to book your duck hunt on Reelfoot Lake today.

What Makes Reelfoot Lake The Perfect Duck Hunt

With fluctuations of temperatures, ducks will fly south when cold temps move in then turn and fly north when the temperatures go high. This leaves Reelfoot Lake duck hunters in the middle of the ducks as they decide where they are going. So, you can have ducks fly through heading south then have the same ducks turn and fly back north when the temps get warm and vice versa. With the vast amount of calm water refuges in the area, ducks tend to set down here to wait for their next move.

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duck hunting guide reelfoot lake